Our site’s title question or statement. We realized that we had already written about many things. Just think of Family Home Discount, from home savings to consumer-friendly loans.

Or some tips on how to make your existing loan cheaper. But until now, the real big question about what makes a payday loan good is not covered in an article. We are now filling this gap and gathering all the important points. Come and stay with us!

We get good credit?


It may sound strange, but the first and most important “property” of a loan (whether it is a mortgage loan or a payday loan) is to get it. Unfortunately, there were some kind people who were approaching us who were unable to do so, but we were able to show them what to do to change this state.

In fact, there are 2 important things that must be fulfilled before you can qualify for a loan. The first is that we are not on the KHR list . This is, for some reason, a “bar list”, but it doesn’t matter, its essence is the same. Whoever is listed here will get bad debts in the eyes of the banks and will immediately reject their credit request.

Another important thing is to have a decent income . As wages are rising quite well at the moment, the truth is that this is less and less a problem for the population. However, regarding the payment, it should be noted that the declared net payment matters . We are Hungarians and we do not want to deny that there are people whose earnings are reported and do not match their income. That is why it was important to clarify this.

Another important factor is that we do not over-commit ourselves to loans, as banks are looking into this. Up to 50% of our reported wages can be paid off monthly in total.

Good credit is cheap


If we no longer get the loan for free, at least we don’t have to pay it back a lot, we can say half funny, half serious. Well, now we can say that someday, now we will find cheap loans. As the central bank base rate is 0.9 percent, interest rates on loans are also low.

The APRs of loans were around 15% in 2008, while at the moment we can find loans for just over 2%, but the average is around 3-4% . This means, of course, that about a quarter of the time you have to repay the loan taken out, as before. What is cheap if not this?

Good credit is flexible


When we think about it, we are talking about a 20-25 year financial commitment. During this time, many things change in our lives. Therefore, it is good to have some leeway in our credit. Such flexibility points are that right from the start we choose how much security we need against external influences. We are talking specifically about the interest period. In the meantime, whatever happens in the world, our monthly installment will not change. This may now be the same as the duration of the entire run. This way we can fix the current low interest rate if we want to.

Another point of flexibility is that we have the opportunity to reduce our debt with occasional payments. Our money can come in from time to time and we can even bet it to the bank . Doing so can either reduce the duration of your loan or reduce your monthly burden. This can be important in the long run.

In summary, we believe that these qualities lend credit. Now a number of loans meet these conditions. For this reason, we recommend that you first count on the calculator! And if you are, contact us! We help you interpret and find the best opportunity for the good.

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