If your family’s budget security is important, a fixed interest rate is the solution

Interest in mortgages is growing significantly, but it is worth taking a well-considered, prudent and prudent decision in our lives, as it is a constant spending over the years on the family budget!

According to a financial expert, we can know about variable and fixed rate loans

  • the cheapest loans can be taken at 2.5% APR, with variable interest rates
  • without taking the interest rate risk, you have fixed rate loans all the time below 6% APR.

Those who are familiar with home loans know that there are basically two types of loans:

  • (b) within one year of floating interest rates; and
  • from fixed-rate loans for a few years up to the end of the term.

Our analysis shows that the interest rate on high-interest rate loans is low, which is dangerous because there is a high risk of a rapid rise in interest rates, meaning that the repayment rate will increase every three to six months. This risk does not pose a risk to the borrower if he chooses from loans with higher interest rates but fixed interest rates for several years.

Loan applicants are already looking at security for home loans

Loan applicants are already looking at security for home loans

According to central bank data, the proportion of newly granted home loans was already 68.4% in February in favor of interest rate fixations over one year.

If the purpose of the loan application is to have the lowest repayment, then you may find a favorable option among interest-bearing home loans. The cheapest home loans are now available at a APR of 2.53%. This is indeed a very low interest rate loan, but in return, the repayment rate may change every 3 months because the interest rate may increase rapidly in the coming time.

Predictably, interest rates are expected to remain unchanged for 1-2 years, but then interest rates may rise, with a 1% increase in interest rate and an 8-9% repayment rise, according to the thumb rule.

If the borrower is willing to pay a higher installment in the initial period, he will take less risk in choosing a fixed rate loan.

The basic truth is that the longer you fix your loan, the more you want a fixed repayment, the higher the interest rate you will have to pay for that security.

According to the expert, “For example, as long as the best of a 3-year fixed rate loan is at 3.5% APR, the leader of all fixed loans at 5.7% APR.”

$ 20 million used home loan $ 10 million monthly with $ 400,000 monthly income consumer-friendly home loans

Fixed home loans


Because it is not known how interest rates will develop over the next 20 years, they will certainly change and will certainly increase. The only exception is the 20-year fixed-rate loans for the entire period, as their interest rates do not change with interest rates.

In reality, we expect a smaller difference between the two options.

The best of any home loan offer is consumer-friendly home loans certified by the Central Bank. If the loan applicant chooses a fixed rate home loan, you will definitely get the best!

Summarizing the expert in a few words


“Since January of this year, there has been no movement in interest rates.
The average APR on the best loans in the categories declined rather than the fast-moving loans, while the one-year average increased by 0.34%. Fixed loans had a 0.1-0.2% rise in interest rates, with the exception of fixed-rate loans, where interest rates were reduced by 0.1%. ”

A fixed rate home loan is a good choice and safe until the end of the term

If you would like to take out a home loan, you are interested in your options, call our credit brokerage experts to help you make a professional decision! You can find out all about our loans with us!


What do I need to request a loan?


There are several reasons to apply for a loan and although most people directly associate it with paying debts, they are often used to invest in a house, remodeling, traveling or buying a car or motorcycle.

However, regardless of your reasons for requesting it, you must meet certain requirements. Know what you need to ask for a loan.

Personal Identification Document


The first thing that any bank or loan cooperative will ask you for is the personal identification document (DPI). This document serves both to prove the age of majority as well as to be able to visualize the credit record of the person and give an idea of ​​their financial responsibility.

The amount

Another of the essential parts that you will be asked for anywhere is the amount of money you need. It is important to know if the institution offers that amount and on the other hand to generate the loan offer. Here it is good to highlight that you should try not to exceed your ability to pay, but they will hardly grant you the money.

Application form

Once you are sure of the decision, you have to fill out a loan application form that the same establishment must provide you. In this document you will be required personal data such as name, address, telephone, email and also the work data.

Debt repayment guarantee

In several banks or loan cooperatives you will be asked to commit to payments through a contract, in which a guarantor is required.

Proof of Payment


Another requirement that most ask for is proof of water or electricity, to make sure the address of your address as well as the fulfillment of your financial responsibilities.

Justification of income

This is necessary both in case you have a contract or your own business, where the banking institution will hardly give you money if you do not show a justification with which you will settle the loan.

It will depend on the institution what they request regarding your employment situation, being able to focus on the stability or the exact amount of monthly income, both as an endorsement and guarantee of payment.

Not be involved in a debt

Not be involved in a debt

To apply for a loan it is important that you are not immersed in a debt, as it will interfere in the process and in that they provide you with the loan.

It should be noted that in addition to not currently being involved in a debt, it should not be late, but it is much less likely to accept the request.


What makes a payday loan really good?


Our site’s title question or statement. We realized that we had already written about many things. Just think of Family Home Discount, from home savings to consumer-friendly loans.

Or some tips on how to make your existing loan cheaper. But until now, the real big question about what makes a payday loan good is not covered in an article. We are now filling this gap and gathering all the important points. Come and stay with us!

We get good credit?


It may sound strange, but the first and most important “property” of a loan (whether it is a mortgage loan or a payday loan) is to get it. Unfortunately, there were some kind people who were approaching us who were unable to do so, but we were able to show them what to do to change this state.

In fact, there are 2 important things that must be fulfilled before you can qualify for a loan. The first is that we are not on the KHR list . This is, for some reason, a “bar list”, but it doesn’t matter, its essence is the same. Whoever is listed here will get bad debts in the eyes of the banks and will immediately reject their credit request.

Another important thing is to have a decent income . As wages are rising quite well at the moment, the truth is that this is less and less a problem for the population. However, regarding the payment, it should be noted that the declared net payment matters . We are Hungarians and we do not want to deny that there are people whose earnings are reported and do not match their income. That is why it was important to clarify this.

Another important factor is that we do not over-commit ourselves to loans, as banks are looking into this. Up to 50% of our reported wages can be paid off monthly in total.

Good credit is cheap


If we no longer get the loan for free, at least we don’t have to pay it back a lot, we can say half funny, half serious. Well, now we can say that someday, now we will find cheap loans. As the central bank base rate is 0.9 percent, interest rates on loans are also low.

The APRs of loans were around 15% in 2008, while at the moment we can find loans for just over 2%, but the average is around 3-4% . This means, of course, that about a quarter of the time you have to repay the loan taken out, as before. What is cheap if not this?

Good credit is flexible


When we think about it, we are talking about a 20-25 year financial commitment. During this time, many things change in our lives. Therefore, it is good to have some leeway in our credit. Such flexibility points are that right from the start we choose how much security we need against external influences. We are talking specifically about the interest period. In the meantime, whatever happens in the world, our monthly installment will not change. This may now be the same as the duration of the entire run. This way we can fix the current low interest rate if we want to.

Another point of flexibility is that we have the opportunity to reduce our debt with occasional payments. Our money can come in from time to time and we can even bet it to the bank . Doing so can either reduce the duration of your loan or reduce your monthly burden. This can be important in the long run.

In summary, we believe that these qualities lend credit. Now a number of loans meet these conditions. For this reason, we recommend that you first count on the calculator! And if you are, contact us! We help you interpret and find the best opportunity for the good.


Collection register helps with responsible borrowing


There are so many reasons to take out a consumer credit. Purchase an emotion such as your dream car or trip, help your children financially, finance buyer costs or close an existing debt gap with an extra loan.

Our Acceptance department needs a lot of information to be able to properly advise in advance whether or not a customer is in trouble. For example, bank statements with salary addition and depreciation of housing costs, there are sometimes cancellations, etc.

Identify irregularities

Identify irregularities

In this way we can identify irregularities or even fraud at an early stage and, via a rejection, protect people from any financial misery. Because you don’t help people who are already in debt with a new one.

If a customer does not borrow responsibly and stops paying because he / she has nevertheless got into trouble, all parties become the child of the bill. We as a credit specialist, the bank as a lender and the customer himself. Because once someone is in debt, it is not always easy to get out.

It is currently not good to sell that people can get into debt so easily, while this is preventable. From our joint duty of care to an intermediary and bank, you must always prevent extra debts. 

One part of the solution to not getting too much into debt is on a personal level: being able to handle money properly. For example, if a child is already learning how to budget, does not spend more money than it receives, first learn to save, postpone impulse and emotion purchases (‘happiness is not for sale’).

Bailiff / collection agency Register


Suppose someone has all kinds of payment arrangements with different collection agencies, but the salary is seized. Then payments to the collection agencies are compromised. That is one of the most difficult aspects of building up debts: in the institution keeps a precise record of how many creditors there are. Or how much money is involved. As a customer you get caught up in time in the web of default, can no longer borrow, repay existing loans and in worst case lose your home, work and social environment.

We believe that there should be some sort of BKR where bailiffs / collection agencies should register their customers.

This reporting obligation would mean much more overview for customers. And for us as a lender, it would mean that we can see at a glance whether someone is already in the bailiff’s trajectory. Then we can reject an application at an early stage and in this way we protect potential customers from even more misery. Now we first have to go through all bank statements, which takes a lot of time and doesn’t always feel pleasant for customers.

If an official government body keeps track of whether someone has a file with two or more bailiffs, the government can switch much faster, adjust on time and offer help.

Taking out a loan is not a shame, but let it happen on a responsible basis.

Borrow responsibly


For the time being we still have to say without such a type of ‘BKR registration for collection agencies’. But what can you already do yourself to apply for a loan responsibly?

Ask yourself a number of critical questions:

  • Do I really need the loan goal (car, vacation, boat)?
  • Can I save the money for my purpose instead of taking out a loan?
  • Do I actually have enough income to pay the repayment every month?
  • Do I have other loans in progress and can I first repay them?

Make smart use of our tools:

  • Transfer or merge existing loans. This way you pay less interest, you gain an overview and you create the prospect of a debt-free existence.
  • Fill in our loan guide and find out whether and which loan suits you best
  • View what you can borrow responsibly
  • View responsible lending in addition to your mortgage
  • Do research and compare loans with different banks
  • Also check the conditions, after every loan and every personal situation is different!

Bill of exchange credit


The floating discount credit may only arise in connection with goods that a seller transfers to a buyer. Thus, the floating discount credit is a short term financed supplier credit by acceptance of a bank. The company, which offers its customer a supplier credit, benefits from this regulation.

Floating discount loan

Floating discount loan

In order to be able to speak of a floating discount loan, the bank mentioned above has to buy in a bill from the company and provide the value added to the present value, less a discount. The change is caused by a sale of goods eg an exporter to an importer. According to the agreement, the importer does not need to pay for the goods immediately, but only at a later date. Instead, a bill of exchange is issued on the invoice amount, whereby the customer accepts a payment obligation. The exporter sells this change to the bank. Instead, he receives the equivalent of a discount, but enjoys the benefit of being able to spend more money and thus being more liquid. The Bank, in turn, keeps an eye on the term of payment granted to the importer and deletes the amount noted on the bill of exchange, of course without deducting a discount.

Why is a floating discount loan to be called a loan?

Why is a floating discount loan to be called a loan?

Obviously, it’s more of an advance. However, the legal status of the floating discount loan states that the exporter remains the creditor of the bill of exchange. In the event of late payment, the bank will not contact the importer and, if necessary, issue a reminder, but in the event of non-payment, it will demand the change from the discounting party. Therefore, the bank will check the creditworthiness of the exporter before entering into a floating discount loan.

As already described, the goods transfer is a prerequisite for a bill of exchange discount credit. Bills that spring from a financial transaction are not covered by any claims in the sense outlined above. In this case, the bill of exchange is a way of helping a creditworthy person gain access to cash by signing a creditworthiness petition. However, if two persons suffering from a lack of money mutually accept and pass on a financial change, this is an exchange.

In general, the floating discount credit, nominally, is cheaper than the overdraft facility. However, the floating discount credit is always used for the entire remaining term of the discounted bill of exchange. For this reason, fluctuating loan requirements can lead to so-called “idle times”, which effectively make the floating discount credit more expensive.


What are mortgage loans and how they can affect me

Do you know enough about mortgage loans in Guatemala?

One of the most listened terms in the financial world, but of which few have detailed knowledge, is the word mortgage. Surely you will have some doubts, so next we will explain everything related to this topic.

What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?

Financially, the word mortgage is defined as the loan made by a bank to a person or company and for which the entity only accepts as payment guarantee a property or a property of the applicant. Normally, banks only grant mortgage loans for 80% of the total value of the property you offer in the loan process.

Once the loan amount has been agreed on the value of the property, the two parties must establish a document with the agreed terms and conditions for the mortgage. Once said negotiation is completed, it must be legally indicated in the Land Registry.

In case of non-compliance with a certain number of payments established by the mortgage, the bank must resort to a legal process of loss of the good by the applicant, and this procedure is known as foreclosure.

What documents do you need to mortgage a property?

What documents do you need to mortgage a property?

Each financial institution has a different procedure to start the mortgage management, but the documents that are generally requested are:

  • Original title of the property to be mortgaged.
  • Copy of the title of the property signed and stamped by a notary.
  • Documents signed with the bank to request the mortgage.
  • Proof of income issued by the company in which you work.
  • Bank account statements for the last three months.

Can you mortgage a mortgaged asset?

Can you mortgage a mortgaged asset?

In addition to the mortgage we are talking about, there is also the so-called second mortgage or Junior-lien. This is a type of bank loan where money is granted to the person concerned, using a property as collateral, even if you already have a loan on that asset.

Within the previous types of mortgages there are three types of interest rate: Fixed interest rate:

The interest rate and payments agreed upon at the time of negotiation with the bank do not vary during the life of the loan.

Variable interest rate:

The interest rate and payments to be made may vary. Each financial institution makes the decision to do it monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. In some cases you can pay more than you had agreed in the beginning.

Mixed interest rate:

The interest remains fixed and in most cases it is greater than one year, from there it can vary depending on external factors.

What can you mortgage?

  • A real estate.
  • Previously mortgaged assets.
  • The rights of surface, pastures, water, firewood and other similar nature.
  • Administrative concessions of mines, railroads, canals, bridges and other works destined for public service.
  • Buildings and land.
  • The floors or premises of a building in a horizontal property regime registered in accordance with what is determined by law.

Credit ID Inquiry with TC ID (Quick Method)

Credit Grade Inquiry with TC, Credit Grade Inquiry with TC Identity, Credit Grade Inquiry with TC No, Credit Grade Learning with TC is in the continuation of our article. When we want to use a credit or credit rating from banks, the most important one among the evaluation criteria of the application is undoubtedly the credit rating. Thanks to the credit rating, all our applications are subject to an evaluation stage and our eligibility status is checked. It is a bit more difficult for people who have a low credit score or who have not yet had a credit rating to use bank products. People with a high credit score can use credit even via SMS and get instant approval. Before applying for a credit or credit card from banks, it is important that you obtain the credit rating. In this way, you can make applications that are appropriate to your credit rating, you can prevent unnecessary application of your credit rating by making unnecessary applications if your credit rating is not appropriate. So how to learn credit grade with TC? TC ID number and credit note inquiry is in the following article.


Credit ID Inquiry with TC ID No How?

Credit ID Inquiry with TC ID No How?

If you want to use credit from banks and you want to make a credit note inquiry before that, there are some tricks you should know. First of all, the simplest and fastest way to learn credit rating is to apply to banks. You can visit the banks and tell them that you want to use a loan, so you can get the credit rating from the bank employee. Banks that share credit rating information for the last month will also tell you whether the credit rating is eligible for credit use.

Thanks to the above-mentioned method, you can go to banks and conduct credit inquiry with tc free of charge. The bank will not ask you for any extra information other than ID for this transaction. In addition to all these methods, you can question your credit score from where you live at home, and you can query without having to go to the bank. What are these methods?


Credit Credit Learning with TC How?

credit problem

There are some other methods of learning credit grade with TC . First of all, with KKB’s own website , you can make your inquiry in a short time. As KKB is the institution that determines the credit rating and shares it with the banks, this is one of the fastest methods of credit rating inquiry. You can register with with your information in banks, you can download credit application from your mobile phone and even make a credit note inquiry.

However, Findeks is a fully paid system. It requests various payments for credit grade inquiry . Not only credit rating, credit risk report and future risk analysis, credit rating upgrade tactics to share a lot of information with the findeks can receive reports, you can get more detailed information about credit rating upgrade . In addition, you can make inquiries for half the price thanks to the campaigns made by some payment methods, and you can gain.


Free TC No Credit Grade Inquiry

credit problem

If you do not want to do a paid inquiry, all you have to do is to go to the banks. Likewise, the findeks system is fully paid and it is not possible to make a free credit inquiry . You can visit the bank branches where you worked, tell them that you want to use credit, you can get information about the credit rating. Since you will use a credit, banks will usually give you your credit rating.


Are Credit Rating Inquiry Sites Reliable?

Are Credit Rating Inquiry Sites Reliable?

Certainly there is no such thing as credit rating inquiry sites . and the branches of banks are the only places where you can question your credit rating. At the same time, you can perform credit note inquiry transactions through the internet banking and mobile applications of the banks. However, you should never trust or share your information on the internet claiming that your credit rating is questioning and requesting personal information from you. Some sites may present you with different fraud methods by requesting information such as credit card number, security number, TC identification number. For this reason, you should only search through banks and Findeks and avoid external sites and people!



Borrowing Rules

borrowing money

Do we all agree that credit is not a necessary bad thing, but an excellent tool to help us achieve something? If so, read on! Even if you want to borrow money. Now, we are showing you that you are doing a good borrowing and that you will be satisfied, not with negative voices, for whom almost nothing is good. So let’s see how we can borrow without any problems.


You need to be prepared for borrowing

You need to be prepared for borrowing

Most importantly, we do not borrow overnight. You need to be prepared for borrowing. Especially when it comes to home loans. In this case, you also need to build up the necessary self-reliance and strive to borrow at a healthy rate. If we are very much on the border and there is a potential increase in interest, then monthly repayments can put too much burden on the monthly family budget. And that’s when the troubles start, which can lead to our property failing. And from there, it is a very difficult road, we do not wish anyone.


Credit pre-qualification

Credit pre-qualification

Most borrowing problems occur because of the income statement. Many people do not know how much of our reported wage can be used to pay off a loan, other loans are included in this section and we could even list it. What can you do? Well you need to get a credit pre-qualification!

By doing so, they are actually examining our income situation. Whether and to what extent we are creditworthy. This way we find out how much we can buy real estate for. In fact, most banks hold this result for a while, so when it comes to actually buying a home, you don’t have to do it again, so you save time.


Don’t hit the first upcoming offer!


We could have started with that, but left for the end. Under no circumstances should we choose a lending bank on the basis of acquaintance, good news or such subjective facts! Let’s use the calculator of and compare different loans on an objective basis! We can save a lot of money for ourselves


Best Bank Mortgage Housing? – € 50,000


Are you looking for a home loan up to € 50,000? In this article we show you the results of the simulations we did to the main banks in Portugal to realize which would be the most competitive bank.

For this, we used the Housing Credit simulator of the banks’ websites. In the end we will leave some recommendations and a suggestion to save money with your housing credit.

Simulation Client

Simulation Client

We run the housing loan simulator of the main banks operating in Portugal and we introduce the following data:

  • Not married;
  • Annual income of € 20,000
  • No other credit charges (if you have other credits we suggest you read the article “Consolidated Credit with Mortgage” that shows you a great money-saving strategy);
  • 32 years old
  • 30 years of contract
  • Loan / guarantee ratio of 80%
  • 12-month EURIBOR index

Good Finance is the Most Competitive Bank

Good Finance is the Most Competitive Bank

When analyzing the spreads and their respective costs we find that the proposal of CGD and Good Finance are very close, and can be said to be equivalent with respect to the value of the installment.

However and there is similarity of what happens for credits of € 125,000 CGD is from banks that charges more commissions (do not ask us the reason). Thus, and taking into consideration only the monthly costs and commissioning the Good Finance becomes the best bank for housing credit up to € 50,000.

Does Your Rate of Effort Comport the Operation?

Does Your Rate of Effort Comport the Operation?

The banks presented have in common the fact of charging assessment / analysis / dossier fees. So if you want to see your process in progress you will have to assume upfront costs. So we suggest you realize if your effort rate fits. That is, make sure that the relationship between the couple’s income and monthly benefits is comfortable (below 40%). If not, you should try to lower some of your charges (for example by consolidating credits or negotiating credits.

Get Access to More Competitive Spreads

Get Access to More Competitive Spreads

Negotiating on cake brings clear benefits in terms of bargaining power. In recent months Jim has made several million euros in credit housing with some of the leading banks in Portugal and it has been possible to help our clients lower their financial installments.

It is possible to buy a new housing or make the transfer of your housing credit and have spreads below 1.5%. To do this, we suggest you simulate your specific case and see the potential for savings. Please note, however, that the cost of credit includes, among other things, bank fees, insurance prices and other cross-selling products.

Simulate Your Specific Case

Simulate Your Specific Case

Since the simulations presented are somewhat theoretical, we suggest that you study your specific case. To do so, and since it does not cost you to use the context of Housing Credit, we suggest that you fill out the simulator and realize how much you would be paying on your home loan.


How do home equity loans work?

If you are looking for a fast, agile and effective financial solution, you probably do not have a clear idea where to go. Surely if you have gone to your bank you will have seen that they request a series of requirements that you may not meet. In addition, the most likely thing is that the paperwork takes longer than expected and you need the money more quickly.

In these cases, going to private equity loans with a mortgage guarantee can be a good solution. At Lenders we are experts in this type of financial activities.

If you want to know more about how the loans with mortgage guarantee work, do not forget to read the following post. Go for it.

Loans with Mortgage Loan from Lenders

In order to apply for one of these loans through Lenders, it is only necessary

  • Have a property in property free of charge and susceptible to sale. This property can be of any type. From a luxury hotel, passing through an industrial building, a small shop, a beach house, a garage or a plot of land.
  • Get in touch with us If you own one of these properties, you will only have to contact us. And in less than 10 minutes we will inform you if your loan has been pre approved.
  • Without capital limit. If yes, you should know that there is no capital limit. We can offer you from a minimum of € 6,000 and a maximum that equals 30% of the market value of your property.
  • Ease of procedures. We will take care of everything and you can send us the information through email. Once received, we will contact an external official valuation company, regulated by the Bank of Spain, to find out the real value of the property. Once we have this information you can receive your loan in less than 72 hours.
  • It does not matter if you are in Asnef, that you do not have regular income or that you need capital in a short space of time. We can offer you up to 10 years to return it in convenient terms.

Why use home equity loans

Perhaps one of the main advantages of home equity loans is that you can use them practically to cover almost any type of financial need. Let’s give some examples:

  • In the face of inheritances. Many times the heirs are not able to assume the Inheritance Tax, which causes them to lose the properties that are inherited. If this is your case, a mortgage loan could be the solution. Since it is possible to use this same house as collateral with which to obtain financing to pay the Inheritance Tax.
  • Reunify debts. You can go to private capital to reunify debts through a mortgage guarantee loan. In this way the company assumes our previous debts and liquidates them by unifying the capital in a new loan.
  • Obtain financing despite being in Asnef or not having an appropriate CIRBE. In these cases, traditional financial institutions do not offer loans. Since two of the necessary requirements for them are violated. However, through lenders and private equity companies, they can be achieved. Using for example the mortgage guarantee loans.