If your family’s budget security is important, a fixed interest rate is the solution

Interest in mortgages is growing significantly, but it is worth taking a well-considered, prudent and prudent decision in our lives, as it is a constant spending over the years on the family budget!

According to a financial expert, we can know about variable and fixed rate loans

  • the cheapest loans can be taken at 2.5% APR, with variable interest rates
  • without taking the interest rate risk, you have fixed rate loans all the time below 6% APR.

Those who are familiar with home loans know that there are basically two types of loans:

  • (b) within one year of floating interest rates; and
  • from fixed-rate loans for a few years up to the end of the term.

Our analysis shows that the interest rate on high-interest rate loans is low, which is dangerous because there is a high risk of a rapid rise in interest rates, meaning that the repayment rate will increase every three to six months. This risk does not pose a risk to the borrower if he chooses from loans with higher interest rates but fixed interest rates for several years.

Loan applicants are already looking at security for home loans

Loan applicants are already looking at security for home loans

According to central bank data, the proportion of newly granted home loans was already 68.4% in February in favor of interest rate fixations over one year.

If the purpose of the loan application is to have the lowest repayment, then you may find a favorable option among interest-bearing home loans. The cheapest home loans are now available at a APR of 2.53%. This is indeed a very low interest rate loan, but in return, the repayment rate may change every 3 months because the interest rate may increase rapidly in the coming time.

Predictably, interest rates are expected to remain unchanged for 1-2 years, but then interest rates may rise, with a 1% increase in interest rate and an 8-9% repayment rise, according to the thumb rule.

If the borrower is willing to pay a higher installment in the initial period, he will take less risk in choosing a fixed rate loan.

The basic truth is that the longer you fix your loan, the more you want a fixed repayment, the higher the interest rate you will have to pay for that security.

According to the expert, “For example, as long as the best of a 3-year fixed rate loan is at 3.5% APR, the leader of all fixed loans at 5.7% APR.”

$ 20 million used home loan $ 10 million monthly with $ 400,000 monthly income consumer-friendly home loans

Fixed home loans


Because it is not known how interest rates will develop over the next 20 years, they will certainly change and will certainly increase. The only exception is the 20-year fixed-rate loans for the entire period, as their interest rates do not change with interest rates.

In reality, we expect a smaller difference between the two options.

The best of any home loan offer is consumer-friendly home loans certified by the Central Bank. If the loan applicant chooses a fixed rate home loan, you will definitely get the best!

Summarizing the expert in a few words


“Since January of this year, there has been no movement in interest rates.
The average APR on the best loans in the categories declined rather than the fast-moving loans, while the one-year average increased by 0.34%. Fixed loans had a 0.1-0.2% rise in interest rates, with the exception of fixed-rate loans, where interest rates were reduced by 0.1%. ”

A fixed rate home loan is a good choice and safe until the end of the term

If you would like to take out a home loan, you are interested in your options, call our credit brokerage experts to help you make a professional decision! You can find out all about our loans with us!

Payday advance online lenders

Direct payday lenders online -Direct payday loans online: No Fax Resources

In a society with the ability to give immediate answers, loans can also be very fast. From Good Finance we propose a form of fast loans that we call Advance, because we want you to consider it as a payroll advance, with the advantage of being able to enjoy it almost immediately.

We talk about immediate loans when we refer to personal loans that are granted in a short time. To get them at Good Finance we rely on technology, so you only need an Internet connection, a mobile and a debit card to request it. As simple as that.

Direct payday loans online: No Call – No Fax Resources

onepayday announced that direct payday loans online are characterized because they are requested via the Internet and by the immediacy in the resolution from the application. Once an online loan is requested, the system values ​​the information provided by the client to give an answer in a matter of minutes. The more information you provide, the sooner you will receive the response to your request.

Once the loan application is favorable, we proceed immediately to send the contract and through an SMS the approval is given. The money is immediately credited to the account.

In addition, if you have already enjoyed an advance of money, with us, your payday loan online will be even faster!

Urgent loans

Fast loans are also considered urgent loans, since money is urgently needed and the repayment period is short. The term of these fast personal loans is only 30 days, provided that the amount requested is limited.

So that micro-loan companies strive to reduce time so that clients requesting a loan can dispose of the money in the shortest time.

It could be said that the most expensive of the whole process is the collection and sending of the requested documentation: search for documents, scan them or photograph them, etc. But of course, the identity of the applicant must be verified and a reflection of their financial situation obtained. And not only to avoid late payment, but for the safety of our clients and protection against fraud and identity theft.

Improve our processes and expedite the procedures

In this sense, we put all our technological and human effort to improve our processes and expedite the procedures. So at Good Finance, customers who wish to do so can access their online banking during the application process to obtain a response in record time.